About Me


My name is Jen Surine and I wield torches and hammers, cut and form little pieces of wire, and assemble bit by bit one piece at a time to create a wearable piece of sculptural jewelry.

I started making jewelry in high school. My school actually had jewelry making classes as part of the art department. So I began learning how to solder, carve wax models, cast, set stones, forge, cut stones, and work metal at the age of 15. And I loved it. I ended up following that love to college, where I graduated from Grand Valley State University (in Michigan) with a BFA in Art & Design and Emphasis in Metalsmithing & Jewelry Making.

I currently do that mom-working-from-home-thing where I balance time in my home studio with everything else imaginable. I have two boys. A 6 year old and a toddler, oh and did I mention I’m homeschooling my kindergartner this year? That has been a new adventure for us to say the least!

Several months ago our family moved from Michigan to Illinois. We are still settling in to a new (small) town and community. And it’s been tough getting to know people with that slight inconvenience of COVID. 

I love what I do. I am so thankful that I get to do what I love, too. I get to be around my boys and make things with my hands everyday, or, well, let's be honest, some days I don't make it into the studio to work. Life gets in the way with young kiddos, but I love my time with them so I wouldn't trade it for anything.