About Me


In her home studio in a small town south of Chicago, Jen Surine hand fabricates contemporary jewelry in her signature style called “Openwork”. This sculptural technique involves cutting and assembling pieces of wire to create wearable, dimensional jewelry. 

Jen’s distinct design aesthetic arises from her ability to pair unexpected, contradictory themes in her work. Combinations she utilizes include juxtapositions like edgy/glamorous, architectural/ethereal, and Art Deco/Futuristic. The result is a piece of jewelry with a distinct style all its own. 

Jen, a native Michigander, enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys when she’s not in her studio. She’s a lover of sunny days, trips to the lake for rock hunting, baking bread, and family walks to the local ice cream shop. Jen graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BFA, specializing in Metals & Jewelry.