What is Argentium?

Argentium silver is a silver alloy. Most people are familiar with Sterling silver. This is also a silver alloy similar to Sterling, but there are a few key differences. I absolutely LOVE working with Argentium Silver, here's what makes it so special:

1. The alloy. Argentium silver has a higher silver content, usually 93.5-94% silver, and the remaining 6% or so consists of copper and Germanium. For the most part, it looks, feels, and wears the same as traditional Sterling silver, but if you look a little more closely, you will see they actually look a little different from each other. 

2. The Finish. Argentium is a bright white color, more white than white gold or sterling. Argentium contains a higher silver content and a lower copper content than sterling, and because of this, Argentium silver jewelry is more tarnish resistant than traditional sterling. That means less time spent cleaning your silver jewelry because it stays looking nice for so long! 

3. Manufacturing Benefits. I personally love creating jewelry with Argentium because there are also perks while working with it. For starters, it can be fused very easily. Sterling can have issues like Fire Stain, which is a discoloration that looks like a shadow on the surface of the silver, it can happen when heating the metal during the production process. It is very difficult to remove Fire Stain. There are a few methods, but honestly, it takes a lot of time and it's really difficult to get rid of. Here's the kicker: Argentium DOES NOT get Fire Stain!! One less thing for me to worry about! 

So, when you hear me talk about Argentium silver all the time when I'm working and sharing photos of the gorgeous, bright white jewelry I'm making, now you know what makes it so special and a step above other silver alloys. 

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