Power in the Pinky: Three Ways to Style a Pinky Ring

That's right, the sweetest little finger is here to make a big statement and ready to be adorned. The Pinky Ring is trending and here's three ways to incorporate the pinky ring into your jewelry styling.

I've been noticing this trend starting to rise for a little bit, as clients have been asking for their ring purchases to be sized to fit their pinky finger more often. A few years ago I never had clients asking for pinky ring sizes.

Here's the thing, YOU get to set the terms, make this trend work for you. Find a pinky ring that fits your style and personality. Want something sweet and delicate like a simple gold band? Or maybe you want to show off your quirky side with something more avant-garde sure to catch some attention? Great! Go for it!

Here are my suggestions for pinky rings, based on your style:

For the minimalist, The Double Gold Band. Made to look like two rings floating around on your finger, but soldered together to maintain their "open" look. Perfect little touch of solid 14k yellow gold to show off all the way around the side of your hand.


For the eclectic collector with a quirky side, there's The Cat Ring. A delicate little  kitty face is the perfect thing for that delicate little pinky. A match made in heaven.

And last but certainly not least, let that little finger make a big statement. Signet rings have been synonymous with pinky rings for ages, put your own twist on the history of pinky rings with something a bit sparkly, like this white Moonstone Rose Cut ring.

 Most importantly, make this trend work with what you like. To see my full list of rings available (and able to be sized to fit that little finger of yours) click here! So, how will you help that little finger sparkle and shine?


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